We have been keeping the best recipes for you for 117 years already! Thank you for your trust extended throughout this time!

Klas d.d. Sarajevo, with its 117 years long tradition (founded in 1902), is the leading producer in the flour-milling-bakery business, and among the leading producers of pasta, pastries and cookie products in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region. 

The main objective of Klas strategy and quality policy is to produce high quality, sanitary and safe food. This objective is met by consistent implementation of ISO, HALAL and HACCP standards.

All individual segments of production process, starting from procurement of ingredients, to storage, to production and delivery of finished products, are closely monitored by best technologists and experienced employees.

Modern and automated production, tradition, invaluable experience, wide variety of products and their top quality, as well as consumer’s trust and satisfaction is the formula for success of the company, both on local market and beyond BiH borders.