You must have heard of the Klas Tarhana soup noodles, sour or ordinary?

But you probably do not know that the Klas has been producing pasta for more than 70 years.

Since 1948, when the Pasta Factory had been built that was at the time called “Bosanka”, and renamed in 1976 into “Sarajka”, to this day, Klas has been one of the largest pasta producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to the pastas prepared using traditional recipes, such as Tarhana and traditional noodles, Klas produces 10 types and around 100 tons of high quality pasta per month, which is produced by use of Italian technology and equipment.

The Klas pasta is made of supreme ingredients, where the two most important ones are the wheat flour, milled in our own mill, and love. Lots of love…

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