Reconstruction of the mill was completed, and it started operation on 25th September. At that time, in technical and technological terms, the mill was among the most modern in Europe. At the same time, it had the largest capacity in South-Eastern Europe of 450 tons per day. As a part of the mill, installed were the silo for the flour, equipment for homogenization of the flour and a silo for bran. The mill was fully automatized and computer run, and it could have been controlled from a distance. In addition to this project, a new production line of 3,500 pcs/h was installed in the Velepakara, as well as new lines for production of pastries, doughnuts, ciabatta, filo pastry and puff pastry, and leavened dough. Industrial bakery, discount store, wholesale point and coffee/pastry shop were built and started in Klas Centre in Mostar. Also, 20 new delivery vehicles were procured.