Siege of Sarajevo. Klas has had exceptionally long tradition of a well organized company, and at the beginning of the war it had significant stocks of ingredients, fuel, raw materials, spare parts, and this was of critical importance for maintaining the war production, supply and survival in the besieged Sarajevo. The generation capacities were mobilized for production of electricity, connection to natural gas was made in to enable production in spite of impossible conditions. Mostly thanks to numerous humanitarian programs, only during the time of war, the Velepekara Sarajevo supplied 114 million bread loafs for the needs of rational supply, 230g per day per person. In the Sarajevo Mill, total of 44,226,000 kg of wheat was milled, and the Sarko factory produced 620 tons of biscuit. War damage was measured in millions DEM. While carrying out their job during the war and siege of Sarajevo, twenty employees of Klas were killed, and several dozens were wounded.