Socially responsible operation and support to excellent projects are Klas’ mission to improve community where it exists and works.

The company Klas d.d. Sarajevo affirms its socially responsible operation by providing everyday care of their employees, environment and community where they work. In particular, we try to cultivate our responsibility towards buyers and consumers by producing quality products at the highest ISO, Halal and HACCP standards.

By donating to registered associations and organizations, Klas company primarily helps those who need help, because we believe that focused and targeted aid helps mitigate permanent and overcome temporary problems of people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. That way we contribute to improving living conditions of persons who need help of the society.

As socially responsible company, we are happy to invest into community by supporting sports and cultural events, and we recognize the work of creative individuals. Only with our combined forces and cooperation we can contribute to acquisition of new knowledge and skills and bring joy and happiness, getting together to meet new people and socialize.

Klas and Sarajevo ZOO Pionirska dolina

Klas company and the KJKP Rad Sarajevo have had excellent cooperation for years. In 2019, we made the Contract on Business Cooperation the purpose of which is to deliver to the RZC Pionirska Dolina (Sarajevo Zoo) 250 kg of bread for animal feed. By doing so, Klas...

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