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AJLA ŠIŠIĆ – Intern in the Legal Department

After graduating from university, I sought internship for 4 months, and then I heard through the Employment Service of the Sarajevo Canton that Klas company was offering internships.

At the job interview at Klas, I was attracted by their many years of experience, variety of work, possibility for me to gain experience, and I could easily see myself as a Klas employee.

The job tasks I am assigned are rather varied, and they allow me to acquire experience from various areas in this Department. Before I started working in Klas, I had already known that this was a company with many years of experience and that they were our domestic brand. But working there, I really saw with my own eyes that the company was working to improve its operations, work conditions, and satisfaction of both workers and the employees. That is why the atmosphere in the company Klas is very pleasant, positive, and Klas employees are very friendly and whenever I needed help to do my jobs, they were very forthcoming.

ELMA DŽAFEROVIĆ – Intern in the Quality Control and Standardization Department

I was looking for internship since September 2018. I learned about internship programme in Klas through an ad I found at Klas’ Facebook page, and through the employment bureau.

What attracted me to Klas was multitude of opportunities and possibilities to learn about various areas of food industry. I get variety of tasks every day that I am expected to do, and which help me learn and perfect professional knowledge that I got at university.

While studying, I used to visit Klas as a part of the teaching process, and we were looking at the production lines, and all that made a very good impression on me. The same remains true today, nothing has changed.

The atmosphere in Klas company is positive. The colleagues are helpful, very friendly, and most importantly – they are willing to help and share knowledge.

DAMIRA INAJETOVIĆ IMAMOVIĆ – Intern in the Quality Control and Standardization Department

I was actively looking for internship for eight months after graduation, and at one point I learned about this internship through the Public Call of the Employment Service of the Sarajevo Canton.

I had known of Klas company from my earliest childhood, since my family and I consume all kinds of Klas products. I strongly believe that Klas is a renowned and leading company in the food industry, recognized for their many years of successful work and excellent quality. Guided by these facts, I wished to become a part of that collective. I am given many different tasks every day, and I try hard to carry them out diligently, thoroughly and well, since the primary objective of the Quality Control and Standardization Department is to maintain the top quality.

In spite of positive experiences and what I learned about Klas, when I came to this company and became part of the team, only then I realized how much effort and investment is behind the success of this company. I also realized that this company is putting every effort to place the products of the supreme quality in the market. Since every working day in Klas is a new challenge, that allows me to broaden my knowledge, perspectives and skills.

There is really great atmosphere in the company Klas. The colleagues are forthcoming, selfless, willing to help each other, and most importantly, there is a great interaction between various departments and services, all working with the shared goal of achieving the best possible results of Klas company.

IRMA ĆUHARA – Intern in the Quality Control and Standardization Department

When I graduated, I was unemployed for 14 months, during which time I was intensively looking for opportunity to serve my internship.

I learned about the internship program in Klas through the public call for interns in commercial entities that was issued by the Federation Employment Service.

Klas is the largest BiH company, and I had known about it since my earliest days. Before I started working in Klas, I was the buyer and consumer of Klas products, including sweet pastries, confectionary products, as well as pasta and baked goods. In our household the Bosnian pita is always made with Klas flour T-500, and cakes are made with the unparalleled Zlatni puder (Golden Powder).

My superior gives me clear and specific assignments, which are quite varied and depend on what is needed on a particular day. Klas is a very serious company, and I have an opportunity to see how diligent, self-sacrificing, systematic and quality work is carried out in all segments, and that is what makes this company one of the best recognized brands of domestic products. I learn something new every day, I get new experiences and new understanding.

In the Quality Control and Standardization Department, the relationships among colleagues are at a very high level. The colleagues are forthcoming, always ready to help me do my job.