We invest in innovations and create an important segment of Klas business today, but also in the future.

High protein bread

Klas High Protein Bred came to the market for the first time in 2017 and made unbelievable success. Responding to the needs of our consumers, we decided to go one step further, and now your favourite High Protein Bread can be found in a distinctive new packaging.

Klas High Protein Bread is made of soya flower and wheat bran, with added flax, sesame and sunflower seeds, and oat and barley flakes.

The bran and seeds give this bread significant amount of biologically active nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Dietary fibres make this bread very good for digestion and intestinal health, it speeds up digestion and utilization of nutrients, feeds good bacteria that are important for gut health. Unsaturated fatty Omega 3 acids are protectors of our heart, have anti-inflammatory effect, support healthy work of the brain. Protein bread is ideal for athletes, vegetarians, and anybody who wants to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their diet and eat healthy.

Only three slices of this bread can meet 30 percent of daily protein requirements, and 20 percent of total need for fibres. High protein bread has low energy value as it does not contain additional sugars. It is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, and thus has even stronger impact on health. This bread is currently distributed in Sarajevo and Mostar, and our plan is to start selling it all over BiH.


In July 2018, the company Klas d.d. Sarajevo offered new half-baked pastries – ciabatta, bun, baguette and mini baguette. These are new products that are not frequently seen in our market, but we have offered our buyers top quality products at excellent price.

Klas semi-baked pastries are made of leavened dough that is ideal for preparing various types of warm sandwiches and other baked delicacies. The semi-baked pastries give the consumers room to be creative when preparing their favourite dishes, while the heating process provides the feeling of cosy home dinner table.

The pastries are half-baked, so they are prepared quickly and easily, in just 5 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius, or 2 minutes in microwave oven at 560w.


In 2019, the company Klas enriched its range of products by including one more kind of frozen product – strudels. Klas Strudels are made with rich filling, in three flavours: vanilla and forest fruits, apricot and cheese, and dark chocolate.

The strudels are frozen products, easy and quick to prepare, and are your best ally when you need to serve a dessert of amazing taste. The strudels may be found in stores in frozen food section.


Klas in its assortment has three types of filo pastry in special, innovative packaging. Packaging has been designed in the form of solid treys that Klas was the first to offer in the BiH market in early 2017. Filo pastry packed in solid tray is protected from breaking and drying out, and addition of inert gas provides additional freshness and shelf life. Recipe used in making the filo pastry guarantees elasticity of sheets, and the thin foil, besides providing additional protection to the product, also has a practical use, as it makes it easier to unwrap the sheets when placed on a flat surface.

In our continuous effort to improve the whole range of Klas products, the Department for Development of new and innovative products is listening to needs of the consumers and values the opinion of those who consume our products. If you want to become an official Klas tester, to be the first to taste and assess the products that are yet to be offered in the market, please complete the contact form:

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