Eight teams of young innovators from various BiH cities took part in the final competition Klas Innovation Challenge that was organized by the company Klas d.d. Sarajevo in cooperation with the Munja Incubator and the largest info platform for the young in BiH – Hoću.ba. The competitors spent two exciting and productive days with 16 mentors, finalized for presentation the concept solutions for actual business challenges, and the competition was closed with official proclamation of the winner and by delivering certificates to all participants.

The first place was won by the team Deman from Sarajevo that was made of students Adna Ibrahimović, Amila Mulagić and Hasiba Korman, who presented the healthy food concept “Hurryme“. They received the largest monetary award of 1500 BAM. Second place and award of 1000 BAM went to the team Lokum from Mostar, and for the first time in the Innovation Challenge, two third awards of 500 BAM were given away: they went to the teams Trio Gušt from Mostar, and Agroekonomisti from Banja Luka.

“We hosted 23 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Klas. They came from Mostar, Banja Luka, Eastern Sarajevo and Sarajevo. The students received generous help from mentors from Klas company who guided them in their intention to present their idea in the best possible way. When visiting the production halls of Klas they had the opportunity to learn about production process of different products, and this practical experience helped them to present their idea better. With their confident and pro-active approach to Klas, these competitors are already now predetermined for success, wherever they go and whatever they do in their life”; said Boris Brković, CEO of Klas d.d. Sarajevo.

The expert jury included Mr Neven Hadžisulemanović (member of Administrative Department for Operations of the AS Holding), Mr Ethem Numić (Director of the Directorate for Marketing and Development of AS Holding), Mr Boris Brković (CEO of Klas d.d.), Mr Zlatko Ramić (Executive Director for Operations of Klas d.d.), Ms Senaida Tabić (Director of Sales and Marketing of the company Klas d.d.) and Mr Muhamed Abazović (Director of Production of Klas d.d.)

In addition to monetary awards, the finalists were given the opportunity of practical work, internship, additional training, seminars and other business opportunities in the company Klas d.d. Sarajevo.

“We in Bosnia and Herzegovina have talented, productive young people, who for start need a space where they can share their ideas and thinking, and this was confirmed once again by the Klas Innovation Challenge. It is a pleasure to have an opportunity to meet all these creative potentials, perhaps future colleagues of ours who, if they develop right competencies, can become very important contributors in the daily work of our group. We believe that with appropriate mentorship from our side, and the desire for personal growth and education from their side, over time they can grow into experts with excellent perspectives.

We are fully aware that having right people with right competencies on the right place is priceless. For that reason, timely detection of talents and their selection are extremely important part of the human resource management. Satisfaction and motivation of our employees, combined with investments in their growth through education and additional training, are the backbone of our development internship programs. We in the AS Holding want to support young talents in Bosnia and Herzegovina and offer a chance to those who want to grow, receive continuous education and give their contribution to the Company”, said Ms Emira Duratbegović, Director of the Directorate for Human Resources / HR AS Holding.
The Innovation Challenge competition also continues in other companies that are part of the AS Holding, and the next will be organized by the Solana Tuzla from Tuzla.