Klas company and the KJKP Rad Sarajevo have had excellent cooperation for years. In 2019, we made the Contract on Business Cooperation the purpose of which is to deliver to the RZC Pionirska Dolina (Sarajevo Zoo) 250 kg of bread for animal feed. By doing so, Klas provided to the Pionirska Dolina a reliable source of food for animals kept in the zoo.

On the area of 8.5 hectares, the Zoo offers a wonderful ambience complete with horticulture, with plenty opportunities for walk, entertainment, and recreation at playgrounds with modern equipment for children and adults, for learning and visiting enclosures of animals like zebras, brown bears, lamas, kangaroos, monkeys and exotic reptiles.

The ZOO, as a part of the RZC “Pionirska dolina“, has a long tradition, and since 1995, after complete destruction of animal stock in the war, it has been trying, with help of friends, to enrich the zoo with appropriate animal species, and that effort brings them every day closer to becoming an urban zoo that complies with all standards of keeping animals, including its candidacy for umbrella European association for zoos and aquaria (EAZA).