With ceremonial tape cutting, the Bosnian-Herzegovinian food industry Klas d.d. Sarajevo started the production of rahat lokum in Srebrenica. Long planned business move was finally realized, and 10 people from Srebrenica got a job there.

“Strategic plan of the Holding is that Klas, as well as other members that are part of our group, grow their operations, recognize opportunities and broaden their range of products. In connection with this, opening the production line for rahat lokum is an excellent opportunity for new jobs and for production of a class of products that is growing in Klas. The project and the products enrich the production portfolio of Klas d.d., but also continues to build strong position in the domestic market. As these are very specific products that are part of national gastronomic tradition, I have no doubt that this project will become one of Klas’ more successful ones.”, said Mr Rusmir Hrvić, President of Board of AS Holding.

Value of the project is 176,000 BAM, and the production plant has the area of 300 square meters.

Representatives of Klas d.d. consider this a major business moves because it involves production of top quality products that promote BiH tradition in a special way. Klas management is particularly proud of the fact that this project will provide jobs to young people, the group that is thinking most of leaving BiH.

“As a socially responsible company, by opening this plant Klas d.d. offers to the young people an opportunity to have a job in their own country, giving them an opportunity to earn income in good working conditions. We are proud of our 10 new employees whose knowledge, commitment and hard work will contribute to Klas d.d. company and development of our brands, first of all, the rahat lokum. This project will also help reduce unemployment in Srebrenica Municipality. I believe that jobs are what Srebrenica, as well as the whole BiH, need the most at this time”, said Mr Boris Brković, CEO of Klas d.d.

Klas d.d. branch in Srebrenica will be offering to the market a recognized range of products, and it plans to market the products in different size packaging.

The funds for opening this plant were secured in cooperation with the Ministry for Displaced Persons.