The monograph about the food industry Klas d.d. Sarajevo – “115 years of Klas d.d. – Short History of Milling and Baking in BiH”, the promotion of which was organized in Sarajevo today, marked this grand jubilee and covered the whole history of this company. The monograph also has great social importance as it presents development of milling and baking industry in BiH since late 19th century, and provides many interesting and useful information.

At the promotion, the attendants were addressed by the author of the monograph Mr Alija Šabanović, reviewers Prof. Dr. Sc. Sanja Oručević Žuljević, academic Prof. Dr. Muris Čičić and Doc. Dr. Sc. Amela Semić, and Director of Klas d.d. Mr Nihad Imširović. Former Director of Klas, Mr Husein Ahmović and Mr Ibrahim Smajlagić also spoke at the event.

“This monograph is not only featuring development of Klas d.d. and food industry in BiH, but it also depicts the way of life, people’s habits over a long time period. The manuscript could be useful for students and technologists in food industry, but also to citizens of Sarajevo and BiH who grew up with the Klas products”, said Prof. Dr. Sc. Sanja Oručević Žuljević.

Alija Šabanović, author of the Monograph, worked with Klas d.d. for full 47 years, and thus witnessed first hand the growth and development of the company. That experience and understanding, together with the archive contents, make the basis of this book, of whose creation the author spoke very emotionally.

“As our good Meša Selimović would say: what is not written, has never happened. This was written to memorize the colossal success of Klas d.d. and its continuous growth and development, becoming the leading producer in milling and baking industry in BiH, and one of the largest and most important ones in the former Yugoslavia. The book also provides some basic facts from history of milling and baking in BiH. The monograph shows that all this time, Klas d.d. had a central place in the overall development, and it was the model company even for its competitors, not only in BiH but also in the countries in the region.

Working on this Monograph, I remembered many facts and events, and relived some of them. I hope I succeeded in describing a grandiose structure made of 115 “great circles”, permeated with smell of freshly baked bread, and decorated with the ear of wheat, grains of colour of gold. All this was made into one piece of work that is called Klas d.d., which is clearly outlined on our Bosnian business skyline and quite visible from European and many other countries from all over the world”, said Mr Alija Šabanović.

Nihad Imširović, Director of Klas d.d., spoke about, among other things, the importance of Klas joining the AS Group in 2014, and the new blossoming of the company, and about activities that marked the 115th birthday.

Promotion of the monograph brought together the owners, earlier directors and members of management, pensioners and employees of Klas, as well as many distinguished guests, and the programme was enriched by performance of students of the Primary Music and Ballet School “Novo Sarajevo”.