All 210 families who live in the Collective Centre Mihatovići – Tuzla received gift packages of food industry Klas d.d. Sarajevo. By this donation Klas d.d. continued its practice of socially responsible work. “We have received a number of letters, or requests for help from the Collective Centre Mihatovići. Those were very emotional letters where the people living in the centre described their existential problems and way of life. That has prompted us to organize this action, and provide to every family some flour, pasta and sweet products. Few months ago, we had a similar action in Sarajevo, now we are in Tuzla, and by the end of this year, we plan to organize similar actions in other cities of BiH”, said Ms. Irmela Cero, Public Relations Officer of Klas d.d. Sarajevo.

Mr Midhat Vrabac, Manager of the Collective Centre Mihatovići, noted that there are fewer and fewer donors, and more and more people living in this Centre.

“In addition to the displaced people from Srebrenica, Žepa, Vlasenica and other municipalities in Drina basin, the Mihatovići Centre also accepts the homeless and socially vulnerable individuals and families from the City of Tuzla. Most of them have no income, they are at the verge of existence, they eat in public kitchen, so any help for them is welcome. I am pleasantly surprised with this gesture of Klas d.d. who organized this donation on their own initiative”, said Mr Midhat Vrabac, Manager of the Collective Centre Mihatovići.