The Bosnian and Herzegovinian food company Klas JSC Sarajevo has launched a new product on the market. The new confectionary product named “Sarko Tortica” is packed in a 450 gram packaging, offered in five different flavors: apricot, cherry, orange, cocoa and vanilla.

“Sarko tortice” are the first domestic biscuits of such sort, and the latest addition to the industrial pastry product category of Klas JSC Sarajevo. The product has superior quality and is price wise very competitive. The entire product is the result of work from the company’s experts, and after the Sarko rolls, “Sarko Tortice” is the latest addition to the Sarko brand whose demand on the market surprised everyone. As Rusmir Hrvić, the CEO of Klas JSC Sarajevo states, with the new Sarko biscuits, Klas has announced the start of a new era of innovation planned for this year,  with the end goal of strengthening the brands and increasing the market shares.