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Quality policy and environmental management system policy constitute an integral part of strategic policy of KLAS d.d. Sarajevo. All employees are committed and obliged to observe the strategic policy that enables the progress, based on the following principles:

  • Successful business,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Satisfaction of the employees, owner, suppliers, and social environment,
  • Leadership in food production at domestic market, with increasing of the presence at foreign market,
  • Recognisable by the quality, health, and sanitary safety of its products, and by environment-friendly processes,
  • The use of cutting-edge technology in production and control of food,
  • Competence and high level of motivation of its employees,
  • Compliance with relevant standards and regulations (ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, ISO 14001:2005, HALAL)
  • Application of environment-friendly processes, including the identification and supervision of their environmental impact.

When the outputs enable us to clearly plan an entire system, we are determined to completely focus our quality and environmental management system on the following framework goals:

  • To reach the planned goals concerning quality and environmental management,
  • To produce the products and implement the processes avoiding any errors, lack of coordination and complaints,
  • To apply relevant regulations and HACCP system,
  • To develop mechanisms for preventive identification and respond to errors and redress of the errors in timely manner, in case they occur,
  • To ensure and maintain the status of  “competent and reliable partner” among its business partners and, in this way, be the most successful producer, meaning leader at BiH market, constantly increasing the export,
  • To enable and motivate the employees to deliver better quality of work and to determine the responsibility of each employee for the work one delivered.
  • To preserve sound and safe environment, using ISO 14001:2005 requirements.
  • Aiming to reach our long-term business goals, we commit to familiarise all our employees with the quality policy and environmental protection policy, and to comply with all requirements of quality policy and environmental protection policy, as well as with other documents of the system and HACCP – through:
  • Implementation of annual planned measurable goals of quality and environment management,
  • Periodical review and assessment of the implementation of process,
  • Introduction of measures based on the results of process implementation assessment and eventually identified deviations from determined systems,
  • Keeping documentation on quality system and environmental management aiming to improve and demonstrate adjustment,
  • Adaptation to the goals, in order to make the quality system and environmental management system more efficient,
  • To present our decisions concerning environmental protection to the public, in transparent way, and to review the critics made by the public.
  • Sarajevo, May 17th, 2006